The partnership enterprise with NVIDIA Inception Program has been approved

A partnership has been approved between EmbodyMe, inc., and the NVIDIA Inception Program, a support program for AI startups provided by the AI computing company Nvidia Corporation, which also provides a GPU deep learning platform.

The recipient of this approval, EmbodyMe, has been facilitating research and development of next generation graphics utilizing deep learning since the release of their Xpression app (

About the NVIDIA Inception Program
The NVIDIA Inception Program was conceived with the goal of cultivating startup businesses that will revolutionize the industry along with advancements in artificial intelligence and data science. Inception has been designed as a virtual incubator program that will provide support in the areas of product development and prototyping, as well as giving assistance to members who are in a critical state at the introductory stage. Support includes a custom set of benefits, from hardware grants and marketing support, to training opportunities with deep learning experts.