EmbodyMe raises approximately US$2.1M

EmbodyMe Inc., which develops video generation technology using deep learning, as well as a smartphone app “Xpression” that utilizes that technology, has raised approximately US$2.1 million, through third-party allocation of shares with underwriting by DEEPCORE, Incubate Fund, Deep30, Techstars, SMBCVC, and Shigeru Urushibara, along with a grant for being selected in the research and development venture support project by the government of Japan.
Our company raised US$835K from Incubate Fund at the time of its establishment and US$370K through a capital loan from a government financial institution, and the cumulative amount raised over the three years since its establishment is approximately US$3.3 million.

<Overview of fund procurement>

1. Purpose
Since its founding, our company has developed fundamental technology and applications such as 3D Dense Face Tracking and Deep Generative Model, in order to realize a world where anyone can freely create various visible things with AI.
Video generation technology using deep learning is a disruptive technology in the innovative dilemma that is fundamentally different from video generation using conventional computer graphics.
Although it is currently in the early stages of research, as conventional computer graphics become replaced in the 2020s, EmbodyMe aims to be at the center of the changing content industry such as IT, films, games, and television.
In order to do that, we will first start with the technology that can move the facial expression of people in videos, and will continue to advance the technology so that various people and any type of background can be created.

2. Underwriting
  • Incubate Fund
  • Deep30
  • Techstars
  • Shigeru Urushibara

<About being selected in the NEDO research and development venture support project>

Our company’s “Development of Next-Generation Computer Graphics using Deep Generative Model” has been selected in the 2019 “Research and Development Venture Support Project/Business Support for Seed Stage Research and Development Ventures” by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as NEDO), and the grant was decided on June 12th, 2019.
The research and development venture support project by NEDO aims to create and foster research and development ventures by
supporting them through policies in a consistent manner from the discovery of seed technologies of Japanese companies, universities, and research institutions, to commercialization. By doing so, it aims to revitalize the economy, and create new industries and employment.

We were selected for Top US Accelerator, Techstars

EmbodyMe has been selected for top US startup accelerator, Techstars.
Specifically, the company was selected to be a part of Techstars Music, one of many regional and theme-related programs operated by Techstars.
In three months, we will be accelerating our international presence by relocating our offices to Los Angeles.
Founded in 2006, Techstars is one of the biggest accelerators in the United Stated along with rival Y Combinator.
Even with an acceptance rate of less than 1%, they have thus far funded over 1,000 startups, among which we are only the second Japanese company to make the cut.

Xpression has been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies

A technical paper detailing the technology behind Xpression has been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies.
SIGGRAPH Asia is a premier conference in the field of computer graphics, and this year it will be held in Tokyo for the first time on December 4th-7th.
Devoted to showcasing cutting-edge technology, Emerging Technologies is one of the most popular programs at SIGGRAPH. All papers must undergo a rigorous review process in order to be accepted.