We were selected for Top US Accelerator, Techstars

EmbodyMe has been selected for top US startup accelerator, Techstars.
Specifically, the company was selected to be a part of Techstars Music, one of many regional and theme-related programs operated by Techstars.
In three months, we will be accelerating our international presence by relocating our offices to Los Angeles.
Founded in 2006, Techstars is one of the biggest accelerators in the United Stated along with rival Y Combinator.
Even with an acceptance rate of less than 1%, they have thus far funded over 1,000 startups, among which we are only the second Japanese company to make the cut.

Xpression has been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies

A technical paper detailing the technology behind Xpression has been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies.
SIGGRAPH Asia is a premier conference in the field of computer graphics, and this year it will be held in Tokyo for the first time on December 4th-7th.
Devoted to showcasing cutting-edge technology, Emerging Technologies is one of the most popular programs at SIGGRAPH. All papers must undergo a rigorous review process in order to be accepted.

We were selected for Facebook’s FbStart programme

We were selected for Facebook’s FbStart programme under the Accelerate track.
FbStart is a global program from Facebook designed to help early stage mobile startups build and grow their apps. Together with some great partners, FbStarts is offering up to $80,000 in free tools and services designed to help you build and grow your mobile app. They also provide year round mentorship opportunities to connect directly with the Facebook team as well as an exclusive community of global startups.

The partnership enterprise with NVIDIA Inception Program has been approved

A partnership has been approved between EmbodyMe, inc., and the NVIDIA Inception Program, a support program for AI startups provided by the AI computing company Nvidia Corporation, which also provides a GPU deep learning platform.

The recipient of this approval, EmbodyMe, has been facilitating research and development of next generation graphics utilizing deep learning since the release of their Xpression app (http://xpression.jp/).

About the NVIDIA Inception Program
The NVIDIA Inception Program was conceived with the goal of cultivating startup businesses that will revolutionize the industry along with advancements in artificial intelligence and data science. Inception has been designed as a virtual incubator program that will provide support in the areas of product development and prototyping, as well as giving assistance to members who are in a critical state at the introductory stage. Support includes a custom set of benefits, from hardware grants and marketing support, to training opportunities with deep learning experts.

Xpression, AI Fake Video Creator, Available on iOS for Free

EmbodyMe Inc. presents Xpression, an easy to use fake video creator on iOS app store for iPhone 6s or above.
Official Website : https://xpression.jp

Make fake news where you can make anyone say anything, or hilarious clips just to poke fun of friends! Start a Youtube channel with parody videos!

Xpression makes every face in any video your own actor. Supports videos on YouTube and in your phone.

Xpression also facilitates communication, protecting user privacy without compromising video quality and increase the expressiveness of messaging.

Future applications includes video chat support (Skype interview in PJs and still looking professional in chat), Video prototyping and post-processing (edit script without retaking).

With Xpression, we hope to alarm the public that the age of Fake News is here, and we should be more careful than ever what and who should we put our trust with, by giving the public access to such technology, right in their phone.

Official Website :

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You can download all kinds of images, videos, and the like below.

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For more information, please contact
Issei Yoshida